Our ARK: Survival Evolved PVP AntiRaid Server is LIVE! (SYD, AU)

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Our official SyndicateOfGamers Ark Survival Evolved Server ARK1-AU is live!  We are hosted at the Equinix Datacentre, located in Sydney, Australia, and whilst, we wanted to keep the experience as pure as it was meant to be, our server offers the following features which we believe enhance the gameplay.

  • AntiRaid Weekdays – Base raiding is only enabled between Friday 8pm AEST and Sunday 12pm (Midnight) AEST.  The rest of the time, structures take 0% damage from other players.  We feel this mechanic is important in giving people a chance to defend themselves, as we believe everyone has school/work/social lives, and figured these to be the most suitable hours where the vast majority of users will be active.
  • PVP Enabled – Anything outside of peoples bases is FAIR GO.  You can choose to trust, assist, walk away, its all fair game.  Don’t be a dick camping and sniping peoples Dinos in their bases.  You will be banned.
  • Speedy Nightcycle – The Night cycles through at twice the speed.  This may be tweaked further.
  • 20% Faster Taming Speed
  • 50% Faster Resource Respawn Rate – Trees, Shrubs, Rocks
  • 20% Slower Stamina drain
  • 30% Slower Player Food Drain
  • 30% Slower Player Water Drain

Our own tribe is also active on this server and has no in-game admin capabilities.  We are just normal players on a normal server, and are not to be treated differently.  To report players, please do so through one of the multiple contact options on this site, or visit our forums.


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