Nintendo NX Unveil incoming Tomorrow AM!

The big N is finally prepared to spill the beans on the gaming industry’s most well kept secret. ¬†After remaining tight-lipped since the late Satoru Iwata announced the “NX” codename almost 18 months ago, which was followed by a nerve-wrecking silence, spawning countless¬†rumours, fakes, and leaks whilst the internet tried to piece together a mystery using breadcrumbs.

This morning, here in the land down under at least, the Nintendo of America Twitter account dropped the following:

Will the NX codename stay??? History says no, but either case, we’ll be staying up late for the announcement and will update this story after the announcement! Lets hope they finally drop the Wii name!

We’ll try and direct link the unveil link the moment its up, so stay tuned!!!


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