PAX AU 4th – 6th of November 2016

Having attended PAX since its local inception almost 3 years ago, I have to say that our personal highlight from every event, has been the Indie section.  This year, was no different.  Whilst there were many standouts here are some of our favourites.  We’ve reached out to some of the devs, and plan to bring you some YouTube impressions.

Putty Pals is a clever co-operative puzzle platformer suitable for 2 players.  It encompasses a minimalist approach in terms of colour palette, to produce a cutesy and appealing art style.  The players make their way through a course covered with traps, and obstacles using simplistic gameplay controls to maneuver through levels otherwise impossible to manage on your own.


Goat Punks makes its return to PAX AUS for the second year in a row.  Intel showcased the game running on its NUC hardware, as well as its new Windows on a stick hardware.  A fantastic example of competitive local couch games.  Race your goat to the top of the mountain and shoot fireballs at all other goats climbing their way up to dethrone you.


Lunch Break is the love child of eight Swinbourne university students.  A fast passed competitive couch game that pits four players against each other rolling down a never ending street aboard office chairs with a giant elastic band holding them together. Beat the crap out of your opponents, using your hands and feet, pickup weapons, and drink coffee to regenerate health.  Tons of fun!

Swordy is a local physics based competitive brawler.  The controls are amazingly simple; walk over a weapon, hit a button to pick it up, and start swinging it with continuous circular rotations of the right analogue stick.  Sounds simple, but the game relies heavily on timing and accuracy; the more your enemy bleeds the closer they are to death.

Desync is a fast paced single player first-person shooter, putting the player up against a barrage of ruthless enemies, through varied projectile and melee attacks.  The game features a variety of weapons, and attack modes, including dash maneuvers to move the player out of harms way, with Zone Defender boss battles waiting for the player at the gates of each zone.

Mallow Drops is a head-spinning puzzle game which allows purely four-directional movement.  Hitting one of the directions will send you flying in that direction and will only stop the player once you hit a wall.  Rotating the game world clockwise or anti-clockwise alters the state of the environment allowing the player to move to places previously unreachable.  A gorgeous blend of 16-Bit art brings the world to life.

A clever single player/co-op puzzle-platformer-rpg featuring some amazing artwork.  Heavily story driven, the player has to jump, slash, and swing his way through a variety of levels.  The soundtrack complements the game very nicely.  RPG elements including item collecting, and stat upgrades are also at play.  The player is accompanied by a pet (giraffe) that acts as a mini helicopter allowing you to glide across gaps, and even swing across platforms.

Bramblelash is a competitive couch game for four players.  Whilst not team based, you “connect” with an enemy player to create a leash between you that you use to clothesline other players and random mobs for points.  When the bond seems inconvenient, join up to a player with a lower score and betray your closest competitors.  You may end up with no friends at the end of the night…


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