Website and Podcast Re-Launch 30th November 2019

We’re still here!  After longer-than-expected hiatus, due to the availability of other podcast members, the Syndicate of Gamers podcast will return on Saturday 30th November, albeit in a completely new format.

During this time, we have shifted hosting providers to better suit our hosting requirements, and overal speed of access to our website.  We will also be launching a “new look” for the website to coincide with the relaunch.

The plan at this stage is to have the podcast available in audio and video format (1080p), however whether or not this will need to be branched off into two separate podcasts, one for audio, and one for video, is yet to be determined.

The website will still continue per usual, but will be moving towards presenting reviews in a video format based on the feedback we’ve received.

In addition, we will be producing hardware and software reviews, as well as conduct product testing under the Bionic Media Group name, with a dedicated YouTube launching simultaneously.

For the moment, visit our landing site to see what we are all about!

Stay tuned for more details!

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