Playstation 5 Gets Release Window, Name Confirmation, New Feature Announcements

Overnight, Sony have announced via their blog that Playstation 5, confirmed to be its official name, will in fact launch in the holiday 2020 window.

This is not exactly news to anyone really, with several publishers already confirming that the development kits shipped months ago, with games already heavily into development.

The blog post made an effort to emphasize the new technology powering the revised Playstation 5 controller, with rumble being replaced with haptic feedback which will be utilized to differentiate on screen event with greater feedback precision, and interestingly enough, environmental feedback, so you can differentiate running through a grass field, or swimming in water and so on, in a more realistic manner.

L2/R2 triggers will also receive some welcome updates via the introduction of ‘Adaptive Triggers’ with developers now being given the ability to adjust trigger resistance to emphasize actions such as drawing a bow, or pulling yourself up from a ledge.

Whilst not confirmed, we expect Sony to incorporate vibration within their triggers, which Microsoft incorporated into the Xbox One controller design at launch.

The rumored integration of an LCD touch screen remains unconfirmed, but due to the unrealistic practicality of a tiny LCD, as well as high manufacturing costs, I don’t expect such a feature to make it into a retail release, unless Sony decides to present their own take on an optional Elite style controller.

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