Review – The Deer God

Game: The Deer God
Genre: Platformer
Developer: SMCrescent Moon Games
Players: 1

The Deer God is a 3D pixel-art styled platformer where you take control of a hunter, who having killed a fawn, has been reincarnated as a Deer by the Deer God.  At its heart, its a tale of redemption and challenging perspectives, forcing the hunter to forego the same trials and tribulations as the very animals he once hunted.  The game features simplistic yet stunning 3D pixel art, in a randomly generated world.  The terrain generation algorithm has been very finely tuned to avoid constant repetition, and to provide a challenging platforming experience.

Whilst the game aims to connect with the player on an emotional level, unfortunately this is where it falls flat;  I was unable to form any sort of attachment to the characters or the overarching story.  The gameplay is too simplistic and repetitive, which makes it extremely difficult to stick with the game in its first couple of hours.  Boss battles are time consuming and repetitive, and not in a challenging sort of way.  Miscalculate your timing on a jump aimed at dropping some stalactites onto a boss, jump to the other side and try that one, wait till they respawn and repeat.

Perhaps the biggest gripe I have with the game, is possibly the fact that I’m probably not its intended audience, as I’ve found that this game tends to appeal more to a younger audience.  Well worth the asking price to entertain the kids, but don’t look for any deep and meaningful gameplay and story here.

Platform we played: Steam
Game Score: 4/10

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