Xbox Australia Collaborates with Melbourne University to create a Zombie Survival index

Ever wondered how your city would fare in the event of a Zombie outbreak? Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday.

Xbox Australia has collaborated with Melbourne University to create a Zombie Survival index to guestimate our chances of survival in the event of a Zombie outbreak.

Per the press release:

“The ZSI looks at how well residents from the various cities would handle an outbreak of zombies, accounting for factors such as how residents claim they would act and how quickly the disease may spread due to geographical location and number of ports. Within this, Australians were asked how likely they’d be to care for strangers, avoid detection and where they’d hide (or flee to).”

A few key stats from the research include:

  • Melbournians would be most likely to tackle the outbreak in groups; seeing higher chances of survival as part of a large group
  • Aussies ages 45 and above were 19 per cent more likely to go it alone than those younger than them
  • Nearly one in five (17 per cent) would attempt to dress/act like a zombie to avoid detection and infection, while 3 per cent would hide under the bed
  • A hospital was deemed the preferred shelter for most of the population (31 per cent)

State of Decay 2 is available today, on Xbox One and Windows 10.


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