Review – Attack On Titan 2

Game: Attack on Titan 2
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Koei/Tecmo
Rating: NA

For anyone already versed Koei-Tecmo’s first entry into the Attack on Titan video game franchise, the sequel will seem like a moment of dejavu. The reality is, the term “sequel”, is mostly exaggerated as a good 70% of the games story content being pulled straight out of the first title, even going as far as rehashing a large amount of the original games cut scenes. A good 7-10 hours of play time is spent delving into the old content, albeit with some improved mechanics. In short, AoT2 feels like an improved remaster of the original, and a perfect time for newcomers to jump straight in.

The core mission structure remains the same, with a mixture of defend this point, capture this point, VIP escort missions, or saving your allies from becoming a Titans’ next meal. The AI itself has received some welcome enhancements, with the inclusion of the detection meter, which determines a Titans’ level of aggressiveness towards a scout. Some new manoeuvres also make a welcome appearance, with the introduction of the sneak attack, which is achieved by first spotting the Titan from a distance using a monocle. This requires some tricky timing, as a miscalculation will result in a failed attack, and an enraged Titan coming for you.

The four player multiplayer is fun and engaging allowing for well planned cooperative attacks to bring a Titan down to their knees. The buddy system introduces coop mechanics dubbed “Buddy Actions”, allowing you to give orders such as “Perform a Charge Attack”, “Heal Injuries” etc. Each scout has their own skills, labelled by an icon on their member profile.

For newcomers, AoT2 is great entry point into the series, however for people who have already delved into the first, unless you are a die hard fan, this is going to be a tough recommendation.

Score: 7/10

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