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Anthony Biolakis – Zetrox2k | Editor, Main Writer, Website Guru, Podcast Host

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Nerd, Nerd, Nerd, Nerd.  That about sums me up.  According to everyone else anyway… Truth is, they’re mostly right.  I love my games, I love my hardware, and I love my gadgets.  In my spare time, I like to work on whatever I’m into at the time…  Whether its working on a game, working on my arcade machine, modifying games consoles, or pushing things just to see how far I can take them before they break.

Not a huge fan of single player games, with the exception of heavily story driven games (Quantic Dream games, Telltale games) though occasionally I find something that just clicks with me.  Mainly, I enjoy co-operative, as well as team-base competitive games.  I have a long history of experience with FPS games, and have even dabbled a fair bit into level design, 3D Modelling, Animation, and programming…

Oh, and I occasionally see some sunlight.

Michael Biolakis | Former Podcast Co-Host

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Unfortunately Michael will never edit this page, so we as professionals have taken it upon ourselves to do it for him. (Also as he has forgotten his detail, he will never be able to change it).  Michael is our go to racer dude, his favorite game now and always being V8 Supercars.  We always have someone to push us to try some new racer, more now so that he has purchased his very first racing rig.  He will never admit it but Michael has the tendency of starting a game way after everyone, and finishing it or surpassing rank within a few days. Subsequently a conversation revolving around lack of sleep will follow.  Michael is an avid camping, 4×4 and fishing lover, who whenever possible, will set a date to run out into the great outdoors.

Paul Rigas – PowerWithin | Former Podcast Co-Host | Former Website Contributor

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A little about me…. Now where to start.  Through the podcast you may have picked up that amongst the three of us, I’m am the least gamer boy.  My gaming only intensified, after I met Anthony and Michael back in 1995 and they converted me from my everyday social life, to the wonderful world of gaming.  That being said, its not my entire world as I am involved in other ventures.  My martial arts life started when I was 4 years old and it continued till I turned 22.  Big lover of the great outdoors, going camping and fishing whenever possible.  Gaming wise I am a big fan of the Assassins Creed franchise, obviously not including Unity which is like the never talked about last Indiana Jones movie.  Really any game where I can scream, swear and laugh with my friends and family I’m happy giving it a go.

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