As another year nears its end, we again get an opportunity to see what is installed for the PlayStation community coming to new year.  This time round was no different, with an astonishing array of game titles from remastered classics to new releases, it seems that we have some exciting anticipation ahead.



Listed bellow are all the titles from the first to the last in order shown.

  1. Uncharted – The Lost Legacy
  2. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
  3. Wipeout – Omega Collection
  4. Destiny – The Dawning
  5. Crash Bandicoot Remastered
  6. Resident Evil VII
  7. Ace Combat 7
  8. Street Fighter (Akuma)
  9. The Last Guardian
  10. Parappa The Rapper
  11. Knack 2
  12. Gravity Rush 2 (Free DLC)
  13. Gran Turismo Sport
  14. Ni No Kuni II
  15. Yakuza Kunami
  16. Yakuza 6
  17. Danganronpa v3
  18. Nier: Automata
  19. Dreadnought
  20. Pyre
  21. Vane
  22. Absolver
  23. What remains of Edith Finch
  24. Nex Machina
  25. Let It Die
  26. Lara Croft GO
  27. WindJammers
  28. StarBlood Arena (VR)
  29. NIOH
  30. The Show 17
  31. Horizon Zero Dawn
  32. Last of Us Part 2 (2017-18)

This list does not include the many titles added together during the PlayStation VR portion of the conference.  Furthermore to this list if you wish to watch the showcase in its entirety please feel free to watch the video bellow thanks to the PS YouTube channel.


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